Samsung M810, red LG Lotus found in Sprint's playbook?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|03.20.09

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Samsung M810, red LG Lotus found in Sprint's playbook?
We can't really be sure this is really a page from Sprint's playbook or something craftier, but according to the above screengrab, the carrier's set to launch the Samsung M810 / Instinct Mini in Graphite and Bronze colors on April 15th for partner Brightpoint and then 19th for everyone else for $450, which matches up quite nicely with some earlier reports from Boy Genius Report. For those wanting something more familiar, the document also notes the LG Lotus is getting a new red paintjob and will be happy to show us on the 15th / 19th of next month, respectively. Fans of the rojo phone'll be glad to know it'll reportedly be keeping the current $300 price tag.
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