Free Realms interview explains character customization options

James Egan
J. Egan|03.26.09

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Free Realms interview explains character customization options

Free Realms is a pretty hot topic in the MMO world right now, and with good reason. If the game can live up to expectations, Free Realms may just be a game that both adults and young kids can enjoy. The art style of Free Realms is distinctive and this carries over to the look of the characters themselves. Carolyn Koh from recently caught up with Free Realms art director Rosie Rappaport and associate art director Sebastian Strzalkowski to talk about some of the game's character customization options.

The interview kicks off with a discussion of the inspiration for the art style we'll soon see in Free Realms, but the discussion focuses heavily on the potential for customization. The game will launch with Humans and Pixies as the playable races, with some customization options unique to each race. The title will not have slider bars to scroll through the various character creation options as with some other MMOs, but will have more 'playful' icons that open up the various options for skin tone, face paint, hairstyles, and wings (in the case of Pixies). According to the SOE artists, "In the case of the Pixies, the wings can be customized to look very elegant and floral or they can be bat-like and scaly."

If you're interested in the customization options available to Free Realms characters, have a look at the interview with the title's artists.
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