Atlona's AT-LINE-PRO3 video scaler goes to 11

Steven Kim
S. Kim|04.03.09

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Atlona's AT-LINE-PRO3 video scaler goes to 11
Atlona Technologies AT-LINE-PRO3 scaler switcherBringing things in line with last year's AT-LINE-EX 10-input video scaler, Atlona Technologies has one-upped itself with the 11-input AT-LINE-PRO3. Really more of an update to the measly five inputs on the AT-LINE-PRO2, the new model brings the "PRO" series more in line with the "EX" one. The back of the unit is encrusted with inputs: 2 composite, 2 component, 1 VGA, 1 DVI-I, 4 HDMI and even a lonely S-Video, each of which can be scaled up to 1080p and sent to the pair of mirrored HDMI outputs. Definitely a piece of gear with a more commercial kind of appeal, but it's always better to have more inputs than you need as opposed to fewer, right? Ships this month for $699.
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