DIY footswitch for Ableton Live frees up your hands, makes you dangerous onstage

When Ableton forum member AlexMC came across plans for a no-fuss, no-muss USB foot controller for the company's world-renowned music app, he liked what he saw -- but not so much that he couldn't make a few changes his own self. By adding a sturdy wooden case, a 30 degree pitch to the top of the thing, some extra buttons, and some razzle-dazzle (that'll cost you extra) he now has a device that sports twenty buttons and a bank switch (making for forty unique outputs total), useful for things like play / record on individual tracks, stop / fade, and of course, everybody's favorite -- tap tempo. The best part? He built this bad boy for ten bucks! The excruciating step-by-step plans and photos (including circuit diagrams and all that jazz) are yours when you hit the read link below -- and you'll be mashing up Katy Perry and the Cure live on stage, while jamming along on your keytar, in no time. But please, don't mash-up Katy Perry and the Cure.

[Via Make]