Brando delivers gaggle of wacky USB hubs

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.10.09

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Darren Murph
April 10th, 2009
Brando delivers gaggle of wacky USB hubs

Oh Brando, will your wonders ever cease? The company famous for making our days with random, wacky, off-the-wall gizmos has just unloaded a small cadre of new USB hubs, all of which are delightfully eccentric and totally destined for neglected desks the world over. From the Clippy-approved USB Happy-Kid 4-Port Hub to the reading light-infused iteration, there's a hub for practically anyone looking to get more USB devices connected to their PC. Check 'em all out below, and don't feel like you have to pick just one, regardless of what your savings account is saying.

Read - Clippy hub
Read - Folding light hub
Read - 3-port clock hub
Read - Unreal watch hub
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