Over 100 million creatures made in Spore

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Over 100 million creatures made in Spore
Since the release of Spore -- in fact, before the release of Spore, thanks to the Creature Creator -- players have brought new life into the fake world over 100 million times. According to Spore Illustrated, the Spore community crossed the 100-million threshold on April 29. "There was a massive flood of entries right at the 100 million mark," SI said. "An estimated 90,000 creatures were uploaded just after 2pm in an attempt to make a mark in Spore game history. EA will reveal the history-making 100 millionth monster soon. [Update: And it has!]

Of course, that number doesn't include banned products of the massive worldwide Spore penis monster team (otherwise known as every teenager with a copy of Spore), but presumably does include the millions of monsters who look just different enough from wangs to avoid notice.

[Via Kotaku]
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