Pantel PAN-420 outdoor LCD upgrades resolution

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Richard Lawler
May 6, 2009 3:44 PM
Pantel PAN-420 outdoor LCD upgrades resolution

Got a need for an HDTV that can handle anything nature throws at it? Pantel's updated the 42-inch model of its waterproof outdoor line of LCDs, so the PAN-420 is now 1080p. The contrast ratio and other specs seem the same, but the extra pixels will cost you, with an MSRP of $4,999 so the real question is exactly how close will this be mounted to the hot tub / grill / Slip-n-slide to make the higher res worthwhile? Full PR is after the break.

Update: While the PAN-420's current MSRP is higher than when it debuted a year ago, it had since been raised to the $4,999 mark, so all those extra pixels shouldn't cost you a penny more than the 720p version did yesterday.

Pantel Announces 42-Inch Outdoor Weatherproof LCD HDTV Now Full 1080p
The 20-, 32-, 42-, 52-, and 65-Inch Models Combine for the Most
Complete Outdoor Weatherproof HDTV Offering in the Industry

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., May 06, 2009 - Pantel (, the worldwide leader in outdoor weatherproof TV solutions, is proud to announce that its 42-inch (PAN-420) LCD HDTV is now full 1080p compliant, joining the 1080p 52- and 65-inch screen sizes. Pantel's 1080i 20- and 32-inch screen sizes round out the most complete outdoor weatherproof LCD HDTV line in the industry.

"Now, we offer three outdoor weatherproof screen sizes in full 1080p, which now includes our upgraded 42-inch model with no added cost to the consumer," explained Joe Pantel, Chief Executive Officer of Pantel Corp. "With five screen sizes to choose from, we easily have the most complete outdoor weatherproof LCD HDTV product offering in the business. One can now also argue that our product line matches...and in many cases surpasses...many other companies' indoor LCD HDTV product offerings in both screen size choices as well as performance."

Beyond being weatherproof, Pantel TVs come complete with an industry-leading 802.11a wireless package that allows the user to broadcast audio and video wirelessly up to 150 ft.

Additional Pantel PAN-420 features and specs include:
  • Contrast ratio: 1600:1
  • Remote: waterproof
  • HDMI inputs: one
  • Weatherproof:
  • - rain/snow shielded
  • - wind/dust shielded
  • - operable: -32 degrees to +145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • - storage: -40 degrees F to +160 degrees F (when left plugged in)
  • Super bright panel; can be used anywhere inside or outside the home,
  • designed specifically for viewing outside during the middle of the day
  • Ultra-Wide 85/85 Degree (H/V) viewing angle; the picture will look clear and bright even at extremely wide viewing angles
  • Anti-glare/anti-reflective/anti-UV screen material for outdoor daytime use
  • Weight: 64.8 lbs.
  • MSRP: $4,999.99

Outdoor residential and commercial entertainment used to be a very concerning and expensive project due to the threat of unpredictable weather. High definition TVs used outdoors had to be utilized under canopies or other types of overhangs, but that still did not always protect them from cold, heat, wind, and dust. Pantel TVs now allow homeowners and businesses to break free from the hassle, excessive expense, and these constant concerns thrown at them by Mother Nature.

"Beyond residential uses, such as on patios and in the back yard, Pantel outdoor weatherproof LCD HDTVs are perfect for commercial applications such as amusement parks, concert venues, race tracks, sports arenas/stadiums, outdoor exhibitions, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more," added Pantel. "Our larger screen sizes make for the ultimate outdoor home theater experience. They can also be utilized for large venue consumer or commercial applications where bigger screens are required."

Pantel has designed and tested its line of outdoor TVs in both extremes...the searing heat of Arizona desert summers, and the bitter cold of Minnesota winters. Pantel's proprietary dual flow ventilation system keeps Pantel TVs cool when it's hot and its state-of-the-art design helps to keep Pantel TVs working in colder climates. Pantel also has an Anti-Reflective glass screen that projects the sun's glare out of the viewing angle so you can enjoy watching a Pantel TV in any weather setting.

All pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.

Pantel TV's can come in customizable packages that include mounting solutions and dust covers. For more information, including finding a dealer near you, please visit, email, or call 888-726-8350.
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