Wing wiped from T-Mobile's website

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.10.09

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Wing wiped from T-Mobile's website
It doesn't take a rocket scientist (a phone scientist, maybe, but not a rocket scientist) to figure out that HTC's venerable Wing is on the way toward that Great Carrier in the Sky this year as T-Mobile prepares to make room for the Rhodium / Touch Pro2, and the rather sudden disappearance of the Wing from T-Mobile's site definitely lends credence to that. You can still pick up a Shadow or a Dash if you're hard up for WinMo -- though we wouldn't recommend the latter, seeing how the Dash 3G is right around the corner -- because as far as we can tell, we're still not expecting the Touch Pro2 until July. Stay tough, folks.

[Via TmoToday]
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