Sidekick 2009, HTC Snap and Touch Pro2 dated for T-Mobile?

The gang at TmoNews have it from a "trusted source" what's purported to be a list of tentative release dates for nearly a dozen T-Mobile phones. At the top on that list is the Sidekick 2009 (a.k.a. "Blade") for May 13th, followed by heavy hitters HTC Snap and HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro2) for July 1st / 22nd, respectively. Rounding out the list is a pre-paid Nokia 1661 for April 29th, a mysterious Sony Ericsson CS8 for June 24th, six Samsung T-series phones all debuting between May 6th and August 19th, and a big, fat "TBD" for the HTC Magic (Sapphire). Don't think these dates as gospel, but with less than six weeks until Blade's rumored to hit retail, we'll know soon enough if this list has any credence