Palm Pre counting down to a June 6th launch?

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Palm Pre counting down to a June 6th launch?
Know what happens in the run-up to a major product launch? Rumors are mongered and advertisements are sold, lots and lots of ads. So we're not surprised to find the two colliding in the shape of an un-calibrated (not Pre calibrated, it's not yet in sync with the calendar) countdown timer that's destined for every tech and consumer oriented website on these here Internets. Since Engadget maintains a strict editorial separation from advertising, there's no way for us to know for sure if this is legit. However, we reached out to who gave us a very convincing backstory for how they came up with this timer (that we saw working) showing a June 6th launch -- smack in the middle of the June 5th and June 7th dates rumored. Still, a Saturday? How very un-Sprint-like. Come on Palm, out with it already -- make the date official.

Update: pulled the original story. No worries, we now know it's true anyway.
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