Palm Touchstone date changed to June 7 in Best Buy's system; stars aligning for Pre launch?

All signs are pointing toward an early June Pre launch at this point; of course, we know it'll launch in the first half of the year -- and we're quickly running out of first half -- but we've heard increased chatter the past few weeks suggesting that June 5 or June 7 are particularly likely targets for bringing Palm's (and Sprint's) would-be savior to market. The latest evidence comes once again from our friends at Best Buy, where the recently-added Touchstone inventory stub has already been updated to reflect an "In Stock Date" of -- you guessed it -- June 7. As we've noted before, that's a Sunday, which is Sprint's traditional launch day; not to say there's anything traditional about the Pre or the hype surrounding its appearance, but it's something to chew on. Worst case, we figure you'll be able to swing by your favorite big box on the 7th and pick up a cool, pricey inductive dock even if you can't pick up a phone.

[Thanks, Mr. Caffoni]