The future of Ford's SYNC starts on May 26, future of US auto industry still uncertain

If you were around for our 2009 CES coverage you might have caught our ears-on demonstration of the future of Ford and Microsoft's SYNC technology, which delivered traffic, directions, and weather over a Bluetooth-tethered handset -- no monthly fee or even a data plan required. It was said the update would be included in 2010 Fords, which is still true, but owners of older models can also get in on the fun with an update coming early next week (installable via thumb drive). That's hot, but even hotter is talk of what's planned for the next update: internet radio, and Pandora is on the short list for hopeful inclusion. Have you streamed in a Ford, lately?

Update: As pointed out by commenter ericr34, it actually sounds like owners of earlier SYNC cars may not be able to get in on all this goodness. Here's to hoping that Ford enables pre-recession car buyers to experience the upgrade fun.