Video: Microsoft's new Sync hands, eyes, and ears on

Microsoft's Sync hasn't exactly taken the automotive world by storm, but the updates coming to 2010 Fords seem like they could earn the service a little respect. Microsoft has added a suite of new services including voice-driven news, traffic info, and directions. We got a quick demonstration inside a shiny new Ford Escape, which kindly provided us with directions to the world's 35th-largest hydroelectric dam (you can find your way to the video below). We also got some further details on how the service uses Bluetooth to tether to any handset, downloading content using a voice call so that you can use this completely fee-free -- even if you don't have a data plan. Yes the display is simplistic to say the least, but having access to this kind of functionality without recurring monthly charges (for three years, at least) sounds fantastic to us.