Human-Rh digiframe packs AMOLED panel, mobile TV tuner

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.26.09

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Human-Rh digiframe packs AMOLED panel, mobile TV tuner

We always figured the digital photo frame market would have to grow up one day, and we're thrilled to know that day is coming soon. Over in Korea, Human-Rh has apparently showcased a couple of new frames that not only up the ante in terms of panel quality but also toss in a much-needed extra: mobile TV. The 7.6-inch HDPF-760D steals the show with a gorgeous AMOLED display and a built-in DMB tuner; the 8-inch HDPF-800D sticks with the traditional LCD, but it's available with a variety of tuners (1seg, T-DMB, DVB-T and CMMB) for regions around the globe. Naturally, both frames still do their basic duties of playing back slideshows, but the built-in WiFi also enables them to display information from internet-connected widgets. We're told that these arrive with 2GB of integrated memory, a multicard slot and a USB port, but mum's the word on pricing and release. Vid's after the break.

[Via OLED-Display]

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