Nokia Messaging graduates to S60 5th Edition

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Well, if you're the proud owner of a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic -- which runs S60 5th edition, in case you don't keep up with that jazz -- you can now join the mobile pioneers using this free -- at least for now, for some -- service. So, if you've never heard of Nokia Messaging, it is an email aggregator that will connect to 10 different webmail accounts and put the mail all in one place on your handset. Nokia Messaging support thousands of email providers, includes support for HTML, Windows Live Hotmail, and can be configured via the app on the phone or from the web. So far, so fantastic, and it is a grand thing when a beta app graduates to the real world. Congrats Nokia, and congrats to all you 5800 owners out there, follow the read to get at it.

[Via UnwiredView]

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