EVE Fanfest PvP tournament to have free-for-all and Tech III matches

James Egan
J. Egan|06.16.09

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EVE Fanfest PvP tournament to have free-for-all and Tech III matches

The Drone Bay podcast returned recently with an EVE Online Fanfest preview. The podcast's hosts Crovan and Alsedrech got air time with EVE developers CCP Tyr and CCP Claw, as well as StevieSG from EVE TV. In addition to dropping more info about the sixth annual Fanfest and some of the options players will have for excursions in Iceland beyond the player gathering itself (which will be October 1 - 3), they discuss the Fanfest PvP tournament.

The Fanfest PvP tournament is a major draw to the event. The Fanfest tournament differs from the Alliance PvP Tournament (which will be held earlier in the year, in September) in some noticeable ways. Where the Alliance tournament is taken very seriously by most competitors who spend weeks in preparation -- after all, a substantial part of the game's playerbase are watching or listening to the event live -- the Fanfest PvP tournament is meant to allow for more impromptu, spontaneous match-ups. Indeed, some winning teams at the Fanfest tournament were comprised of virtual strangers who joined up at the last minute, and the rules can lead to some... unusual scenarios. In keeping with this spirit of mixing it up, CCP has decided to hold free-for-all PvP matches at Fanfest 2009.
CCP Claw says, "We're actually going to run two tournaments this year... a free-for-all royal rumble style tournament where we're going to put a lot of people all in one arena at the same time, in Tech II frigates of their choice." The other will also be something completely new: EVE³. These will be 3 vs. 3 matches where combatants fly Tech III strategic cruisers, those modular little wonders with equally astronomical price tags.

If you're interested in hearing more about EVE Fanfest 2009, head on over to VirginWorlds and The Drone Bay podcast as they've got plenty of info about the upcoming event straight from the people organizing Fanfest, and of course you can check out the updated EVE Fanfest 2009 site.
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