Alienware's 1080p 21.5-inch OptX AW2210 priced for maximum street fighting

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.01.09

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It doesn't do 3D and it doesn't curve all around your periphery, but Alienware's OptX AW2210 does a decent number for its just barely sub-$300 price tag. The 21.5-inch widescreen LCD panel boasts 1080p resolution, two millisecond response time, 16.7 million colors, and an 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Throw in two HDMI and four USB ports -- sorry, no VGA or DVI here -- and you've got yourself a pretty nice option. The screen's on sale now via Alienware direct.

Update: Alienware's sent us word that the monitor does in fact sport DVI input, and it looks like the product page has been updated to reflect that.

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