BlackBerry OS 5.0 previewed on the Storm

We've already seen a few builds of BlackBerry OS 5.0 in action -- but so far, everything we've seen has been on the RIM's decidedly less touch-friendly array of devices. Now, we're finally seeing what this stuff looks like when applied to the Storm, which in itself gives us hope that the company's first touchphone won't be abandoned in the face of an upcoming successor (assuming Verizon and others can work up the motivation and know-how to actually release it to owners, that is). German site Benezblog has posted a plethora of Storm-based 5.0 shots, noting that it's not yet stable enough for everyday use (if you like "calling" or "typing," for example, you'd best steer clear for the time being) -- but the browser and keylock are apparently better by miles, and just like the build we saw earlier on a Curve 8900, there's a new memory manager in the mix. We wouldn't count on seeing official carrier-supported releases of this any time soon, but we're sure it won't be that hard to get leaked builds going forward if you're into that sort of thing.

[Via CrackBerry]