All Points Bulletin video podcast shows off some ink

James Egan
J. Egan|07.12.09

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All Points Bulletin video podcast shows off some ink

All Points Bulletin is one of those upcoming games that tends to defy easy categorization. It's an urban crime game that has persistence, quests (missions), and fantastic customization options. It's not an MMO as we'd typically define it, and APB developer Realtime Worlds has also hinted that it may eventually become something of a virtual world. Maybe this is part of why we're interested in this game, it seems to be breaking new ground in online games.

We've been checking in now and again on the All Points Bulletin video podcast which always gives us some new perspective on this title. Realtime Worlds often emphasizes how deep the game's customization options are going to be in these videos, and this week's is no different. Given that you'll play a criminal (or a vigilante who hunts them) in APB, what self-respecting felon doesn't overload on tattoos? The fifth APB video podcast shows us some of the ink players will soon be sporting in the game. Chris Collins from the ABP team visits Metalurgey tattoo and piercing parlour in the Realtime Worlds hometown of Dundee, Scotland, to see how the game's ink compares to the real thing. Stay with us after the jump for a video embed of APB Podcast Episode 5: APB Tattoos vs. RL Tattoos.

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