iKey's AK-39 wearable keyboard is about as weapon-like as it sounds

iKey's churned out plenty of rugged keyboards in its day, but it looks to have really stepped up its game with its new AK-39 wearable keyboard intended specifically for military use. Among other things, this one conforms to full MIL-461 standards, is able to be used in environments with harsh electromagnetic interference and, of particular importance, it's designed to be used with a glove, and in either left or right-hand configurations. As for the keyboard itself, you'll get a basic 39-key layout, an integrated pointing device that uses Force Sensing Resistor (or FSR) technology, and some adjustable green backlighting that is, naturally, also available with night vision compatibility. No word on pricing just yet, nor is there any indication that iKey will actually sell these to the general public.

[Via Test Freaks, thanks Nicholas R]