SPOT intros refreshed, smaller Satellite GPS Messenger

Globalstar's SPOT personal GPS tracker made waves amongst outdoorsmen and argonauts the world over when it was introduced back in 2007, and now the outfit is finally gearing up to ship the second iteration. The newly revamped SPOT is some 30 percent smaller than the previous model, and it also boasts an enhanced antenna for picking up signal whilst deep in the brush, a GPS acquisition light, "Message Sending" indicator light, illuminated buttons and a dedicated pre-programmable Custom Message button. There's also a protective cover over the all-important S.O.S. button to prevent inadvertent message transmissions (wouldn't want that, now would we?), and in a move to give fashionistas a choice, this one will be available in both silver and orange. It's expected to be available in select retailers this fall, but you'll have to wait until then to get a handle on pricing.