SPOT personal GPS tracker: the argonaut's lifeline

We've all heard horror stories about being stranded sans a cellphone (or a signal), and while we doubt the majority of you break out into the wilderness on a regular basis, a little peace of mind for when you do won't hurt. SPOT Inc. has introduced the simply-titled SPOT, which operates as a personal GPS-enabled tracking device to inform relatives, friends, and emergency personnel of your status. Among the features are a 911 button that automatically calls in help and gives them your exact location, an Ask for Help button that beams up friends / family, a Check In selection that informs contacts that you're a-okay, and a Track Progress option that sends your location to a Google Map that relatives can monitor. The unit itself is powered by a pair of AA cells, weighs just seven-ounces, floats on water, and is rugged enough to handle most any encounter. Price wise, the SPOT will run you $149.99 along with a $99 "service fee," but monthly and multi-year options will purportedly be available soon.

UPDATE: Check out a few more details provided directly by SPOT on how this thing actually works along with a closer look at each button.