Rubik's TouchCube to make debut this weekend... on QVC

It's not every day that QVC gets first dibs on hot new gadgets (though it's occurring far more frequently than we're proud to admit), but we're hearing that the teleshopping channel will be the place to go if you want to be among the first to own a Rubik's TouchCube. Believe it or not, the swipe-controlled retro toy will be available to buy for the first time on the Christmas in July segment this weekend. Look - if you've been wondering what QVC looks like in full, unadulterated HD, but have up until now failed to secure a good excuse to check it out, this is your chance, and yes, you're welcome. The full statement from the company is after the break.

The time to step up your Rubik's game has finally arrived. You first mentioned Rubik's TouchCube on Engadget after the TouchCube was launched at The International American Toy Fair in February and now it is available to order for the first time via QVC's "Christmas in July" segment this weekend!

Fans of the iconic Rubik's Cube will now be able to experience the new game play of the Rubik's TouchCube's touch sensor technology. They can be the first to get their fingers on the Rubik's TouchCube by checking out QVC this weekend. Please visit for any additional information.