Who changed Rockman's name to Mega Man?

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Richard Mitchell
August 1, 2009 4:00 AM
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Who changed Rockman's name to Mega Man?
Every gamer worth his or her salt knows that Mega Man's real name isn't Mega Man. The true fans of the Blue Bomber know that he is known as Rock Man in his homeland of Japan. So, who renamed the little guy? Turns out it was former Capcom senior vice president Joseph Morici. The Mega Man Network uncovered the info in a 1993 interview with Morici with (the beloved) Game Players magazine.

So why did he change the name? He just didn't like it. "The title was horrible," said Morici. And thus, an American gaming icon was born. But, as Capcom Unity points out, the "Rockman" name brings the musical names of many of the other characters into context (Roll, Beat, Bass, etc.). Still, having grown up with Mega Man, "Rockman" just doesn't sound right.
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