LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Omnia 2 slated for August 23rd, according to supposed Best Buy leak

If this screen capture to be believed, August 23rd is gearing up to be one helluva day for phone lovers. According to this snapshot from Best Buy's computers, that's when LG's desirable BL40 Chocolate Touch will be making its way into the consumer world, alongside a red Xenon and a bevy of Samsung phones including Omnia 2, Rogue, and Solstice. No clue on what the Tour is doing up there dated for the 23rd, since it's already out on both Verizon and Sprint, but perhaps a major shipment is in the works. As for that M330 for September 8th? Yeah, we're not sure. Surrounding that tantalizing list from the top and bottom, respectively, are Samsung's eco-conscious Reclaim -- presumably listed for August 16th, although the date is obscured -- and a red and black "G2" from august 5th, which would undoubtedly be referring to T-Mobile's sophomore Android device, the myTouch 3G. Two weeks seem awfully close, but if this pans out, we certainly won't be arguing.