Creative patent filing reveals drag and drop interface with "action tabs"

Creative's made itself pretty well acquainted with the FCC as of late, and it looks like it's also been doing its part to keep the old Patent and Trademark Office busy as well, with a recently revealed application showing off some plans for a drag and drop touchscreen interface. That's obviously somewhat of a tricky area to patent, but it seems that Creative's big new idea is something called "action tabs" that could be used for something as simple as tabbed web browsing, but would apparently also be applied to other OS elements as well -- letting you drag something to the clipboard, for instance, or drag a photo to an action item of some sort. Just as interesting as the patent itself, however, is the fact that it's assigned to Creative subsidiary 3DLABS, now known as ZiiLABS, makers of the touchscreen-based Zii EGG. Like we said, interesting.

[Via Tech in Hiding]