Video interview focuses on emergent gameplay in EVE Online

James Egan
J. Egan|08.14.09

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Video interview focuses on emergent gameplay in EVE Online

Part of what's so interesting about video games, and MMOs specifically, is that players often do things the game designers never envisioned. This is especially the case with a sandbox MMO like EVE Online where the developers provide a setting and the players establish their own virtual society of sorts. The topic of emergent gameplay in EVE came up in a recent video interview from the Nordic Game Conference, where our friend Petter Mårtensson from Gamereactor spoke with CCP Games Executive Producer Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson.

Their conversation touches upon what the players are doing with wormhole exploration (with around 2500 uncharted solar systems) and CCP's excitement when player alliances clash and create their own stories of conflict. The interview also covers Walking in Stations (avatars), the COSMOS social network that will tie in with EVE, and the company's intent to alter 0.0 space with more tools to build empires and more incentives to get people out there into these lawless regions. Stick with us for a video embed of the Gamereactor interview with CCP's Nathan Richardsson.

It's also worth noting here that Nathan clearly didn't want to discuss the World of Darkness MMO yet. At all. He states it's going to be a while before CCP is ready to say more about the game. So it seems more likely that the GDC Europe announcement from CCP Games will actually be the FPS, possibly the DUST project they've trademarked. Whatever it's going to be, we'll have our answers next week when CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson keynotes GDC Europe 2009.
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