Karos Online announces closed beta dates and three playable races

James Egan
J. Egan|08.14.09

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Karos Online announces closed beta dates and three playable races

It was only the other day when we first mentioned Karos Online, a fantasy MMO in development at Galaxy Gate, which will offer a twist on standard game mechanics with a dual dungeon system. Event dungeons will be limited to five players but battle conditions will adapt to player actions. Maze dungeons, on the other hand, won't have those player caps, and are essentially shifting labyrinths which add more difficulty the further players venture in.

If that's caught your attention, Karos Online's publisher NHN released more info today about the game's closed beta test. The closed beta weekend event will begin on Friday, August 21 and last through Sunday, August 23. This first weekend event will let players choose from three different races -- Humans, Shadows, and Seroines -- and one of each race's sub-classes.
Humans are the main race in Karos Online's world of Asmara. The closed beta will offer players the chance to play the Human Blader class, a melee class that uses two-handed weapons. Human Bladers can specialize as a Swordsman or Spearman.

Playing as one of the Shadows may be more interesting to some gamers. The pale blue-skinned race is imbued with magic, and the CBT will offer up the Shadow Rogue class. Shadow Rogues dual wield weapons, inflicting additional damage, either using daggers specialized as an Assassin, or with swords as a Duelist.

The third choice is the half-elemental, half-human Seroine race, which is tied to nature spirits. The CBT will open up the Seroine Bowmistress for players to try. The Bowmistress specializations will be Archer for stun and mesmerising attacks, and Ranger for inflicting high damage at long range.

NHN says they'll add two more races and six more classes to Karos Online during the open beta and after the game's launch. The English version of Karos Online is slated for launch in Q4 2009, with versions in German and Turkish to follow.
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