Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 first hands-on (with video!)

Here it is, folks. Sony Ericsson's newly official XPERIA X2 in the flesh. It's got a flashy (gimmicky?) home screen, along with a view for "snacking" on bubbled-up information. Lots of buzzwords, but we'll need more time hands-on to know how we feel. The hardware? It's still a heavy beast, but perhaps just a bit more loving in this incarnation. We don't love the resistive touchscreen one bit. After a strong caveat that what we're looking at is preproduction software, a Sony Ericsson rep admitted that Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't all it could be -- though we're unsure why Sony Ericsson didn't throw a bit more hardware at the problem, Toshiba style. Still, the interface breaks down to stylus-friendly Windows Mobile-isms with just a few taps, and none of the "wow" of the floating Sony Ericsson home screen seemed to excuse any of the UI lag it introduces. Again, early software, but the X1 didn't exactly rise above its preproduction jankiness.

Update: Video is after the break!