Official: XPERIA X2 launching Q4, Windows Mobile 6.5 onboard (video)

If you've been waiting with bated breath for some real news on the XPERIA X2, wait no longer. News has just broken that the re-styled, gutted refresh of Sony Ericsson's popular (and expensive) X1 is due to hit "selected markets" in Q4. According to a post on SE's Xperiancers blog, the company is in talks with various carries right now, and will be detailing the plans in the coming weeks. Additionally, the blog delivers some info on the device itself, calling out its 8.1 megapixel camera, inclusion of a standard 4GB microSD card, and 13 pre-loaded "panels" in its reworked Windows Mobile skin (which appears to have a new SDK for the forthcoming OS update). Oh, and speaking of Windows Mobile, it'll be shipping with 6.5 onboard. To learn much, much more, check the two videos after the break. We'll also be grabbing an up close and personal hands-on with the device in a few moments, so keep your inter-set tuned to the Engadget channel.