First qualifiers for EVE Alliance Tournament VII come to a close

James Egan
J. Egan|09.08.09

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In the gaming world it's been the Penny Arcade Expo and Dragon*Con that got most of the attention over the weekend, but EVE Online's annual PvP tournament kicked off on Saturday as well. EVE Alliance Tournament VII's first round of qualifiers saw 64 player alliances (guilds) go head-to-head, with only half of that number earning the right to compete in the finals after next weekend's second round of qualifier battles.

If you didn't have the time to listen to the tournament in-game using EVE Voice or catch any of the internet radio broadcasts, CCP Games has video footage of all of the weekend's matches in HD on their YouTube page. Both the Day 1 and Day 2 qualifiers are available, and they provide the first looks at Tech III Strategic Cruisers and even Black Ops battleships being put to use in the Alliance Tournament. Stick with us after the jump for more on the first weekend of Alliance Tournament VII.
It's good to see that CCP Games made these matches available so quickly, and in HD no less. A few of us at Massively are looking forward to more next weekend which will set the stage for the final rounds to be streamed live in high-def.

We've mentioned that it's the players themselves who actually commentate on the matches, but as of this year volunteer in-game reporters from EVE's "Interstellar Correspondents" have a site running for Alliance Tournament VII with images, video, and even play-by-play accounts of what happened in each match. Alliance profiles give more background on each competing team while charts break down the performance of each alliance in the arena. It's impressive, to say the least. Even more so when you factor in that the people who've done this are all volunteers who put in many hours of their time to make it happen.

Interstellar Correspondents Editor-in-Chief Serathu Ashk states:

"This site is designed to showcase our coverage of the event whilst bringing together content from lots of other places to give you everything you need in one place. We're providing more information than ever before, with statistics, ship-by-ship breakdowns and alliance biographies complementing our standard coverage such as full match reports and a large number of pictures."

If you're looking for more info about what went down in Alliance Tournament VII over the weekend, look no further than the new Interstellar Correspondents website.
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