JVC's trio of consumer-ish projectors still make wallets weep

Steven Kim
S. Kim|09.15.09

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JVC's trio of consumer-ish projectors still make wallets weep
JVC DLA-HD990Did we mention that CEDIA was a whirlwind of activity? There are a few bits of good stuff we didn't manage to get our HD hands on, including the new JVC projectors aimed at folks who just can't swing the mortgage-busting $175,000 for the company's pick o' the litter. The DLA-RS35, DLA-RS25 and DLA-RS15 are available through the "professional channels" CEDIA targets, but the equivalent DLA-HD990, DLA-HD950 and DLA-HD550 are in the consumer lineup. Everyone of the 1080p, D-ILA beamers gets the 120-Hz treatment, HQV Reon video processing, motorized lens zoom and focus, horizontal and vertical lens shifts and of course, ISF calibration modes so you can get things tweaked just so. Sounds great, but you can't expect JVC to deliver this feature set on the cheap -- $5,000 for the HD550, $5,500 for the RS15, $8,000 for the RS25 or HD950, and an even $10,000 for the RS35 or HD990.
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