RED releases high-res images of accessories, no actual accessories

When RED's Scarlet and EPIC camera bodies finally became official late last year (after seemingly endless teasing) they were pictured with an almost farcical array of accessories. Nearly a year on and neither of the bodies nor any of those add-ons are available, but you can at least now get a higher-res look at all that wallet-tapping accoutrement. Pictured are the REDVOLT battery pack and its hot-swappable cells, the wireless REDMOTE controller, the BOMB EVF, a display screen, and even a rifle-like stock called the RED GUNNER. Some of these we've already seen in the flesh, others haven't been rendered with this much detail before, and sifting through the forum where they were posted uncovers some other morsels to whet the appetites of photographers who like extreme stylistic touches. The juiciest is a mention that the release dates for EPIC and Scarlet will be announced in October -- which doesn't leave much time for a 2009 debut for the cameras themselves.
[Thanks, weaksauce12]