Acer's Android netbook now up for pre-order, Windows 7 version coming soon

It's totally not Q3 anymore, but Acer is finally fulfilling its promise to ship an Android-powered netbook, a pre-order page showing up on Amazon offering a reconfigured Aspire One D250. However, the company is apparently a little unsure of its open source OS offerings, so it's throwing Windows on there as well. Your $349 will get you a dual-booting machine with good 'ol XP taking up the other partition -- a good thing, that, because Android in this application has been said to be half-baked at best. Meanwhile, Acer is also showing off a version of the D250 running Windows 7, which is set to hit Japan next week. Hopefully a Win7/Android super combo will soon be on offer as well, which sounds a bit more tasty than WinXP/Android.

[Via netbooked]

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