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Fujitsu's Frame Zero concept knows no boundaries, no bezels

Fujitsu's Frame Zero concept knows no boundaries, no bezels
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|October 13, 2009 7:30 AM
rame Zero concept knows no boundaries, no bezels
It's always fun to see what big tech companies think the future will be like, and for Fujitsu the future is Frame Zero. It's basically a system of bezel-free devices that can all wirelessly connect and share information, not at all unlike Microsoft's Mobile Device Collaboration patent application we took a gander at last year. The concept video below shows both a sort of tiny mobile PC joining forces with an eminently breakable looking cellphone to share information cross-screens. But, it goes further, with talk of the larger of the two acting as a sort of alarm clock that, when you swat at it in the morning, checks your body temperature to determine how well you slept before barraging you with e-mails and financial reports. Just what you need first-thing in the morning.

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