Enter to win five Creative WoW headsets for your 5-man group

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.22.09

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So we've been doing these Creative contests to give away their shiny new World of Warcraft-branded wireless gaming headsets for a few months now. But if you haven't won one yet, worry not: today, we're giving away five headsets to one lucky instance-running group out there, so you can all talk to each other while you're wiping in Heroic Old Kingdom.

To enter, you've got to send us a .JPG-formatted picture (no bigger than 800px please) of your favorite five-man group -- you and four friends -- to contests@wow.com by 5pm October 29, 2009 (that's one week from today!). Make sure you put "Creative 5-man contest" in the email subject so we can recognize what it's for, and while you can take it wherever and however you want to in-game (or even in real-life!), just make sure there are five people in there. Because one lucky random entry will win five Creative World of Warcraft wireless gaming headsets, one for each member of the group, at a value of $150 each, or $750 total. That's a lot of headsets! You must also be 18 or older, and live in the United States or Canada excluding Quebec -- full official rules can be found right here.

Please note: in addition to emailing us the .jpg picture, you will also need to copy and paste the form below (filled out) into your email -- it was put together by our legal department and simply says that you understand and will adhere to the rules of the contest. You need to include the names and e-mail addresses of all five players in your group so that we can contact you all about prizes if you win.

Good luck to everyone who enters -- we can't wait to see what your five-man groups look like! And stay tuned, because we've got an even more epic contest planned out soon.

---- FORM BEGINS HERE ------

Creative 5-Man Contest

Release Agreement


22000 AOL Way

Dulles, VA 20166

Copy and Paste This Form Into Email

For good and valuable consideration (including but not limited to the opportunity to participate in this contest), the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, and intending to be legally bound, the five individuals named below (collectively referred to herein as, "we", "us", "our", "ourselves") grant an exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual license to WoW.com, Weblogs, Inc., AOL LLC, and their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, licensees and authorized agents (collectively "AOL") to use, reproduce, market, store, distribute, have distributed, publicly and privately display, communicate, publicly and privately perform, transmit, have transmitted, and promote the voluntarily submitted JPG screenshot, no bigger than 800 px, of our five World of Warcraft characters playing together in- game (the "Works") and any biographical or supplemental information which we may provide to AOL (collectively referred to herein as the "Submission"), in connection with the WoW.com "Creative 5-Man Contest" (the "Contest") or any other program or feature for AOL, in any manner, in any and all media and via any means of distribution, whether known or invented later including in connection with any of AOL's products, services or affiliated Internet sites, online or offline, and including in all merchandising, advertising, promotion or publicity for the Contest or AOL. We hereby waive any right to inspect or approve AOL's use of the Submission or any portion thereof, and further waive any right to compensation for AOL's use of the Submission. If any one of us, collectively or individually, are contacted by the press to comment on our participation in the Contest, we agree that we will not give any statements or hold ourselves out as a representative of AOL without first obtaining written permission from AOL.

If we are selected as the winner in the Contest, we understand and agree that AOL may use the Submission or any portion thereof in advertising and promotion of WoW.com, the AOL Games Network and/or the Contest. We further understand and agree that if we are selected as a winner, we are solely responsible for any and all local, state or Federal tax payments that may be levied.

We understand and agree that even if our Submission is not selected as a winner in the Contest, AOL may still post the Submission on WoW.com and/or the AOL Games Network.

We individually represent and warrant that (i) we are each eighteen (18) years of age or older, (ii) that we collectively created the Submission or approved the creation of the Submission by one of us on behalf of the others, and (iii) the Submission shall not infringe on any copyright or any other third party right nor violate any applicable law or regulation. We agree to be bound by all terms and conditions herein, and hereby release and hold harmless AOL from and against any and all claims that may be made against AOL based on the Submission or AOL's use thereof.

This License and Release shall be construed and controlled by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, except for its conflicts of laws principles. In the event of a dispute, we agree that we shall be limited to our remedies at law, and in no event shall we have the right to enjoin or prevent the production, distribution, exhibition or other exploitation of the Contest or any other programs, or the advertising, promotion and publicity related to the Contest or any other programs.

Print Name ___________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________

Print Name ___________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________

Print Name ___________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________

Print Name ___________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________

Print Name ___________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________

I have read and agree to be bound by the Official Rules posted on the Contest website regarding participation in the Contest, and those terms and conditions are made part of this Agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference.

I represent and warrant that I have legal authority to sign on behalf of the participants named above and on participant's behalf agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Please fill-in the names of each individual participant then copy and paste the entire body of this agreement with your Submission.

BY Emailing the submission to participate in the Giveaway, WE COLLECTIVELY HEREBY AGREE TO AND ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS OF THE DATE OF SUBMISSION. We understand and agree that we are entering into this license electronically, which will have the same force and effect as a license agreement in some other form of writing. Our affirmative act of emailing the Submission constitutes our electronic signature to this license.

---- FORM ENDS HERE ------
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