Microsoft borrows Apple Store blueprint, manager (video)

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Thomas Ricker
October 26, 2009 9:50 AM
Microsoft borrows Apple Store blueprint, manager (video)
Anyone who witnessed the opening of Microsoft's first retail store in Scottsdale must have been feeling a bit of deja vu at the whole experience. It started with the camping and the long meandering lines leading to a raucous countdown. When the doors finally opened, customers were greeted with sturdy high-fives from overly-enthusiastic employees dressed in their casual, every-man uniforms. Inside were products placed on tables within easy reach of a curious public as well as an "Answer Bar" where presumed geniuses will tenderly solve customer issues. Failing that, you can always sign-up for the in-store events and training sessions scheduled throughout the day. Sound familiar... maybe a bit too familiar? But the icing on this plagiaristic cake is Lisa Seigneur, a former Apple retail store manager who famously (in our circles, anyway) introduced Oprah to Bono's Product RED iPod nano in Chicago -- the very same Microsoft Store employee who handed out free Zune HDs to those early campers in Scottsdale. Video evidence after the break.

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