Bono and Oprah confirm iPod nano RED in Chicago

Ryan Block
R. Block|10.12.06

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Bono and Oprah confirm iPod nano RED in Chicago
Welp, looks like those iPod nano Reds have been confirmed -- Bono and Oprah (Bonoprah?) congregated to the North Michigan Ave. Chi-town Apple Store to catch this amazing photo op. Hocking AIDS curing portable audio players never looked so fun.

Oh yeah, caption contest! Naw, you can't win anything, but it's not like we can't have a little fun at their expense.

Ryan - "Ms. Winfrey, Mr., um Bono, may I interest you in some iSplitters?"
Pete - "I wish we could afford a second iPod!"
Paul - "Yeah, I'm starting to have second thoughts about Vertigo as well."
Cyrus - Oprah: "Do we really have to listen to all of 'Under a Blood Red Sky' right now?"
Evan - "Sorry, Oprah; even as a book-on-tape, The Uncommon Wisdom of Oprah Winfrey still isn't very compelling"

[Via MacRumors]
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