One quarter of "broadband households" have digital photo frames, we find one for the rest of you

One quarter of

Yeah, we know; next to pico projectors it's hard to find any bit of technology more boring than digital photo frames. These days they don't catch our eye unless they can print pictures of your pre-school beauty queen or integrate some unexpected combination of networking hardware. Still, they're selling like hotcakes, set to be in 25 percent of "broadband households" by the end of the year. Adoption in dial-up households has not been revealed but we're guessing it's... slower. For those folks we recommend the first ever analog digital frame that may not print anything or hit Flickr or even automatically cycle through those pictures in that hidden directory you forgot about, but it is at least made entirely of wood, which makes it better for the environment than CFL LCDs. And, at just $25 from ThinkGeek, it's a perfect holiday gift -- for yourself.