Thrustmaster puts a board on your (balance) board

For those of you who aren't totally bored with boards and board-based peripherals, Thrustmaster has just the thing for you. Introducing the T-Freestyle NW, a skateboard attachment designed specifically for the Wii Balance Board. The peripheral is crafted of maple and includes "Rolling Motion Board" technology for "true lateral movement capabilities." Also, unlike your real skateboard, the T-Freestyle NW includes a "safety stopper" to keep overzealous virtual skaters and snowboarders from tipping over.

Perhaps such a peripheral could interfere with games designed to work with a naked Balance Board but, assuming it works as advertised, the T-Freestyle NW just might be the thing to make your extreme games that much more extreme. For the asking price of $29.99, it had better.

Expect the T-Freestyle NW to hit shelves at the end of November.