Enter to win 25 Creative headsets, one for each member of your raid

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.18.09

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Enter to win 25 Creative headsets, one for each member of your raid
We've been giving away these Creative World of Warcraft wireless headsets for a while now, one per week to one lucky winner (and grats to those of you who've already picked them up). But Creative also wanted to work with us to do something really epic, something only WoW.com could put together. And so we're going for the whole enchilada: we're giving away a set of twenty-five (that's right, 25, one per raid member in your group) Creative World of Warcraft wireless headsets. This is going to be the clearest, most amazing sounding group on Vent ever -- not a single person in your raid will have to say "sorry, no mic."

So how do you win? Obviously an epic contest like this requires an epic entry, so here's how we're going to do it: after the break on this post, you'll find a list of five different riddles, each one hinting at a different place in the game.

What your guild/raid will need to do is a) get your guild or raid together, all 25 members. And then b) go and find all the places and take screenshots of your guild there (you can hit "Print Screen" to save a screenshot, and it shows up in the "Screenshots" folder of your WoW install). Finally, c) send the screenshot to our contests email address, contests@wow.com, before next Wednesday, November 25th. Make sure to include your name, age, and mailing address (so only one person has to send five shots per guild/raid), and you will need to be 18 or over and a legal resident of the 50 United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). Official rules for this contest are right here.

From emails with all of the screenshots in the correct places, we'll choose one random winner to get twenty-five Creative World of Warcraft wireless headsets (worth $150 each, MSRP). You have one week, until November 25th at midnight, and the list of places to find is below. Good luck!

Pose your team in front of something that's older than dirt:
The relic in Wintergrasp (try not to get hurt).

Kill the orc who used to hold in his hand
that old instance key quest called Blackhand's Command.

The game that Blizzard had to finally decline:
Go and find the secret Nova's shrine.

This old dog has got a new plan of attack:
Shadowfang Keep was only a setback.

Heroes and monsters frozen by a terrible spell,
Forever to stand where Thorim's hammer fell.

Ok, sure, those are terrible. But good luck to everyone who enters -- we can't wait to see the shots you guys put together.
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