Happy 3rd birthday, PlayStation 3!

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Happy 3rd birthday, PlayStation 3!
We can hardly believe that it's been three whole years since we first enjoyed the splendor of the PlayStation 3 in our own homes. Sure, there weren't a million fantastic games for the console right at launch, and there were a few issues at some stores with poor crowd management, but here we are three years later with a heap of great memories. Remember that nightmare inducing baby ad? How about Sony's response to PlayStation Home being leaked?

These days, we have hilarious commercials, a smattering of great exclusive games both on disc and through the PlayStation Network – hell, the system even lost some weight (and half its original price)! We're spending the day celebrating the PS3s lifespan by ... folding proteins like mad! If you're so inclined to join along, we've got this convenient 300 person strong team set up. It's a celebration foldathon, folks – ya dig?
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