Microsoft leaks a screenshot of Windows Mobile... something

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|11.18.09

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Microsoft leaks a screenshot of Windows Mobile... something
Microsoft's been pretty cagey with the future of Windows Mobile so far, but apparently the Office Mobile 2010 team just doesn't care -- in addition to leaking a new interface in that confidential slide deck last month, they've now included this screen shot on the Office Mobile 2010 beta website. Here's what's wild: this design language completely matches the first set of Windows Mobile 7 leaks we saw nearly two years ago, so either Microsoft hasn't made any changes in that time, or what we're seeing here is something else entirely. Combine that with rumors that WinMo 7 isn't due to hit until the end of next year, and we're starting to think there's something bigger afoot here -- the only other alternative is that Microsoft has waited nearly three years to launch what's little more than a refresh of its current interface, and even Redmond can't be that slow to execute... can it?
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