The rewards of faction loyalty in Earthrise

James Egan
J. Egan|11.24.09

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The rewards of faction loyalty in Earthrise

The latest Earthrise Question of the Week is all about quests in the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO. "Central to the PvE experience, quests in Earthrise are designed to help introduce the players to the tense cultural and political scene that shapes the two conflicting factions fighting for control over the island of Enterra," explains Moll, the game's Community Manager.

There are faction-specific quests unique to either Continoma or Noir, but Earthrise's game mechanics will let players defect to a rival faction to experience another walk of life on Enterra island. Switching allegiances will not be a trivial matter, however, and the consequences a player assumes for doing so will limit how often most characters defect.
Membership has its privileges, Moll explains, and playing through the main storyline quest content will build up a contribution score. The higher that score, the more rewards a player can claim from that faction's NPCs. These storyline quests are designed to lead characters on a journey where they'll explore the map of Enterra, hopefully providing challenges for Earthrise players.

Give the latest Earthrise Question of the Week a read for more on the quest systems Masthead Studios plans to use in the game, and how rewards can be earned through loyalty to a given faction and organization.
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