Zemno's $500 DeskBook Pro docking station is strictly for zealots

It may lack wireless connectivity, but it's sure got the look. Zemno's latest portable docking station is probably the most elaborate that we've ever seen, boasting an Apple-esque appearance that's designed to mesh well with Cupertino's latest MacBook models. The company claims that any lappie under 15-inches in size can be used with its DeskBook Pro, though we're guessing only the hardcore drumbeaters would actually shell out $499.99 for something such as this. As for functionality, the port-laden slate allows for up to two hard drives to be docked simultaneously or any combination of hard drive, battery, or peripheral device with access to 16 input / output connections. The device also supports ModBays, which are interchangeable accessories designed to conveniently slip in and out of the DeskBook Pro. Hit the read link for the full list of I/O ports, but only if you managed to not be appalled by the aforesaid MSRP.