Metareview: Rogue Warrior (PS3, Xbox 360)

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Metareview: Rogue Warrior (PS3, Xbox 360)
Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko's first appearance in a game as Bethesda's Rogue Warrior doesn't seem to have left a fantastic taste in the mouths of many critics. Aside from the overabundance of profanity, complaints range from "generic" to "last-gen." It probably doesn't help that the game's being released during an ... ahem ... less than favorable part of the year. We wish you the best, Demo Dick! We hardly knew ye!
  • MSXbox-World (4/10): "The reality is that there's little challenge as most of the stealth elements are as scripted as they come ... There's an almost last-gen feel to the game, with one embassy snow level being reminiscent of a level in Hitman."
  • Gamervision (3.5/10): "There are only a few locations in the story, and they all look and play essentially the same. In fact, it feels as though they could have been presented in any order without losing much storytelling ... The only thing that is even remotely memorably is the voice of the protagonist, Mickey Rourke. He's constantly throwing out quips and one-liners in his grizzly, gritty voice, but even this seems forced."
  • HellBored (2.1/10): "There is absolutely nothing about Rogue Warrior that deserves any attention ... Combine paltry numbers of enemies, small levels, and an absurdly easy approach and you can run through the entire thing in ... four hours."
  • GamePro (1.5/5 Stars): "It's at best a generic FPS, and at worst a nigh-unplayable mess ... The game's dark, murky textures and limited visibility make aiming a chore, and prominent clipping, slowdown and texture popping only serve to further hinder the adrenaline-fueled covert-ops experience Rogue Warrior tries so hard to recreate"
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