Engadget Podcast 173 - 12.07.2009

We're late, and we're sorry. You've come to expect your podcasts within a vague and yet rigidly-defined four day window, and we betrayed that trust. After all, if you can't expect to have piping hot discussion of the week in technology news delivered to your inner ear the very week it happens, what can you believe in? Sports superstars? Your government? Please, let's not be foolish. If you can find it in your heart to forgive us, you'll find that you're mere moments from obtaining a particularly inspired podcast for your portable listening device, one that's full of entertaining guests like Chris Ziegler and Michael Gartenberg harshing on Nokia, and a truly eye-opening examination of new media's search for a tablet savior. We'd almost say it's worth the wait, but we wouldn't want to presume on your valuable patience.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Guests: Chris Ziegler, Michael Gartenberg
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: BetaClubFieldTrip - You Belong With Me

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00:02:00 - Entelligence: What's the future of Nokia?
00:02:30 - Nokia promises to take "Symbian user interface to a new level" in 2010, Maemo 6 in 2H
00:02:33 - Nokia offers sneak peek at improved 2010 Symbian user interface
00:02:35 - Nokia slashing smartphone lineup in half for 2010
00:02:40 - Nokia launching only one Maemo device in 2010?
00:16:00 - Nokia asks own blog readers what their favorite part of the X6 is, gets funny answer
00:34:55 - Nokia Booklet 3G review
00:42:43 - Comcast takes control of NBC, promises not to crush Hulu
01:01:10 - Time Inc. shows off magazine tablet demo, plans future anger about 70/30 profit split
01:05:38 - Hearst launching Skiff distribution system and Kindle competitor 'by publishers, for publishers,' thinks you'll want it too
01:16:30 - The CrunchPad disappears in a puff of vapor

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