Nokia offers sneak peek at improved 2010 Symbian user interface

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Nokia offers sneak peek at improved 2010 Symbian user interface
You know that new Symbian user experience promised by Nokia for next year? Want a sneak peak? Although Nokia's downloadable slide-deck from its Capital Market Day event leaves out all the new UI visuals, fortunately the webcast has 'em all. And if we're not mistaken then that's a wall-to-wall capacitive multitouch slate up there from Nokia's conceptual studios. As Nokia tells it, the Symbian OS is not the problem, the UI is -- and we agree. In 2010 new hardware and tweaked software will reduce Symbian's clutter, add multitouch input on "large capacitive displays," minimize steps to request functions (2-taps to get to favorite music or video instead of 8, create an email account in 2 steps, not 4), significantly improve the browser experience, and make the entire UI 3 times faster than current high-end Symbian products while taking scrolling to 60fps (up from 15fps used today). Notably, Nokia will remove more than 350 user prompts that make using Symbian so frustrating today. The user experience promises to be so good that Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, calls it "magical." Us? Sweet, but it's only slideware for now. Watch the rousing video after the break.

Update: We added a link to the 51MB PDF containing all the presentations. Bonus points for spotting our quote about the N900. [Thanks, Pasi] %Gallery-79463%

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