Rallycast promises "the equivalent to tabbed browsing" on HDTVs, hopefully doesn't mean memory leaks and crashes

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Rallycast promises "the equivalent to tabbed browsing" on HDTVs, hopefully doesn't mean memory leaks and crashes
After hitting CES with a bang, it's been a quiet year for the TV widgets movement, but Rallycast isn't giving up, going from app developer to announcing its own TV App Store for 2010. The company's CEO Jeff Allen calls its plans to allows multiple programs running at once similar to tabbed browsing on the PC. Not having to pick and choose what's running is great, but while we love our Firefox, its never ending performance issues and the already poor reputation of speed on widget televisions could be a slow, scary mix. Hopefully a year of development (and maybe some newer HDTVs at CES?) can improve performance, because the last thing we want is lag when it comes to updating fantasy football rosters, deleting that note Mom left on our Facebook page, or both. Samsung's LED TVs will support the new store, as well as "several other models" check the full PR after the break.

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Rallycast Announces TV App Store for HDTVs, available on Samsung Internet TVs Navigate multiple TV apps from one platform: Rallycast adds multiple features, lower pricing for ultimate internet-TV & fantasy sports experience SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Friday, December 11) - Rallypoint, the developer behind the Rallycast (www.rallycast.com) Fantasy Sports offering for Internet-connected HDTVs running the Yahoo TV Widgets platform, announced today that it will be releasing its own TV App Store in 2010. The App Store will feature dozens of downloads and options, and more information about items in development can be found at www.rallycast.com. According to CEO Jeff Allen, the Rallycast TV App store will feature its patent-pending Toolbar technology that allows users to display multiple TV Apps at once. This feature allows users to seamlessly navigate multiple TV widgets, apps and browse the web from TV without ever leaving the Rallycast platform. "Using a Facebook TV App while watching news or scores updates on a Ticker at the same time is subtle but powerful," said Jeff Allen, CEO of Rallypoint, noting that it's cumbersome for users to continuously open and close widgets made by a single content company from existing TV widget systems' menus. "Users are already accustomed to multi-tasking via windows and web-browsers on PCs and Macs. The Toolbar is the TV equivalent of browser tabs and windows on the TV." Rallypoint, through its Rallycast platform, already offers TV Apps for NFL fantasy football, NFL scores, text messaging and Facebook. In 2010, Rallycast plans to release TV Apps for Twitter, eBay, StubHub, ordering pizza, shopping for products featured on major broadcast shows, and a whole range of additional Apps for sporting events. Rallycast will also debut different pricing for its Sports TV Apps package. Under the new terms, users can use all of the TV Apps for free. But, just like on XBOX Live, special features in all TV Apps can be unlocked by purchasing a Premium subscription that runs $9.95 per month, or $59.99 for an annual subscription. Free vs. premium features and services include: - Fantasy sports: users can play the Rallycast-branded fantasy games powered by Rotohog for free. Fantasy sports fans can sync with their all their ESPN, Yahoo and CBS fantasy game accounts with the Premium subscription. - Sports scoreboards: users can monitor sports scoreboards for free, but live play-by-play alerts require a Premium subscription. - Text messaging: users get 100 free text messages per month when subscribing to the Premium subscription. Rallycast is available through your HDTV's Widget Gallery or by purchasing a subscription card at Best Buy stores. Ask your home theater representative for Rallycast SKU #9437068. New sports features will also be released in December through Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio HDTVs, including support for NCAA Fantasy Football from CBS Sports, NFL play-by-play alerts, NBA scoreboards and stats on demand, and Fantasy League alerts that report when a member of your fantasy league scores. MLB Fantasy Sports is expected to be released in late March 2010. *HDTVs Supported: To deliver unprecedented functionality, Rallycast has partnered with major TV and DVD player manufacturers to give users the Internet in high definition. Current compatible HDTVs include: -- Samsung: Series 6, 7, and 8 HDTVs (HDTVs supporting "Internet@TV") -- LG: LH50 and PS80 HDTVs (HDTVs supporting LG's "Netcast Entertainment") About Rallypoint Rallypoint is a leading software developer for Internet-connected HDTVs and other devices, focusing on TV widget engine core technology and applications. Rallypoint offers consumers an improved, easy-to-use way to "mash up" their Internet content and subscriptions with broadcast television in an overlay fashion. By bringing the best of the Internet to HDTV, Rallypoint is redefining living room entertainment. Rallypoint is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.rallypoint.tv and www.rallycast.com

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