ELAN Awards heading to San Diego next July

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ELAN Awards heading to San Diego next July
The traditionally Canada-based ELAN Awards today announced intentions to bring the show to San Diego next July 17–19, ending just before the San Diego Comic Con kicks off. Celebrating "video games, animation and visual effects," the fourth year's show makes it's US debut with two days of lavish events before culminating in the actual awards ceremony on the 19th.

Though the event's promoters promise everything from a welcome pool party to a red carpet engagement, we're most excited about something called the "sexiest party ever thrown for video games." Aside from knowing that it's a "street party" taking place in the "historic gaslamp quarter" of San Diego, we're just as flummoxed as you are as to what a sexy party for game industry folks could possibly be. With all those nerds in one place, though, it's assured that iPhones will capture the whole thing in all its confusing, clumsy, awkward glory.
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